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Asphalt resurfacing, which sometimes involves asphalt milling, is a vital component of routine maintenance and has the potential to greatly enhance the lifespan of existing asphalt. It is more economically efficient than complete replacement and offers a durable, long-term solution. These services are designed to ensure that your commercial property maintains its professional appeal and safety standards.

Cole-Burton Contractors owns its own milling equipment which ensures your project gets started quickly and is done right. 


Over time, even the best quality asphalt paving can develop issues such as potholes, cracks, and wear and tear from constant use. Cole-Burton’s asphalt repair and resurfacing services are designed to address these issues effectively. They offer comprehensive services that include pavement cleaning, surface treatment, partial depth repair, full depth repair, mill/fills, mill & resurface, resurfaces, and crack sealing among others.


Consistent maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan of commercial asphalt paving. Cole-Burton offers comprehensive maintenance programs that include services like:

  • Crack filling

  • Pothole repair

  • Sealcoating

  • Sweeping

  • Periodic line striping


All maintenance programs are tailored to your individual parking lot’s need, budget and current condition.  The goal is to increase the longevity of the surface by through preservation techniques like patching, joint and crack sealing, and mill and overlay. Regular activities such as sweeping, sealing cracks, and managing vehicle usage are part of these programs. With proper maintenance, an asphalt pavement can last up to 30 years without any major overhauls.

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