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Asphalt Paving Ohio


When it comes to selecting a commercial asphalt paving contractor, Cole-Burton stands out among the multitude of contractors as a well-respected industry leader since 1985.  Our projects (some listed below) throughout the Cleveland area demonstrate our exceptional service in the region. 


  • Geneva Shoreline

  • Cuyahoga County Regional Airport Runway 

  • Big Creek Parkway Resurfacing North Chagrin Reservation

Cole Burton Contractors - Your premium choice for commercial asphalt paving of roads, parkways, large parking lots for churches, temples, shopping centers, malls; a partner to property management companies with large apartment parking areas or commercial buildings. 

Minority Asphalt Paving Contractor

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Comprehensive Asphalt Paving Services for your Business

Cole-Burton provides high-quality asphalt paving services at competitive pricing. Our emphasis is on quality to bring you the best value in the marketplace. 

You only sign once, but you have to live with your decision thereafter. Throughout Ohio, Cole Burton Contractors examine the unique qualities of your project and geography to come up with a tailored solution that will last for up to thirty years with proper maintenance. 


Durability and Longevity

We start with the best-available materials for your project and design for durability.  Even with the best, asphalt paving requires regular maintenance. Cole Burton's customer service team will advise you on proper care and arrange the services you need to ensure you've made the right decision.


Safety and Liability

For every business entity today, risk management is a major concern.  A poor asphalt pour results in pitted, uneven surfaces which in turn may lead to falls and accidents for pedestrians and vehicles.  

With Cole Burton Contractors, you are assured all Ohio laws, rules, regulations and specifications are strictly followed. Our resulting surfaces are smooth and level to minimize risk and enhance the aesthetics of your road, parking lot, sports court.   

The premier asphalt paving contractor in Ohio

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